The basis for successful innovation is readiness to change. Clearly, many enterprises are hesitant of the idea of having to break new ground: there is more to change than the application of new technology and knowledge. Passion, creativity, entrepreneurship and perseverance are equally indispensable to successful innovation. Also, your organisation must be prepared to accept and incorporate a new concept and let go of some of the old and familiar ideas. This should be done in a structured and systematic way, including a correct assessment of the risks involved in marketing your concept. The wish to act (desire), the capacity to perform (do) and the courage to stand out (dare) are the basics of every innovation process. Your organisation will be motivated and new ideas will come up, spontaneously or with the help of tools like TRIZ or Root Cause Analysis. Each new idea will be tested for its feasibility. It may or may not be rejected in the end. All this may result in uncertainty at one time, regaining confidence and perseverance another. It is a cycle that you will go through many times before your goal is achieved. Komerca has the capacity to support your innovation process with TriNovation, a methodical approach to innovation processes. From idea to market introduction, TriNovation maps the entire process within the framework of your company’s strategic context among markets and competitors. Every single phase of the growing process will be risk-analysed. In this way the entire process is planned into smaller, well-organised steps. Maximum support, but the decision is yours. 

Komerca’s services to you:

Effectivity of your innovation process begins with mapping opportunities and cost. To this purpose the TriNovation scan has been developed. First, an inventory is made, including:

  • formulation of your organisation’s vision, ambition and strategy
  • analysis of your organisation’s innovative power according to:
  • desire: present corporate culture when it comes to innovation
  • do: technological knowledge and skills available
  • dare: corporate and financial resources for the marketing of an innovation
  • conclusions on the innovative power of your organisation
  • recommendations for a follow-up process, including step-by-step planning
  • process budgeting

The TriNovation scan gives you a clear and concise view of the process from idea to introduction into the market. Based on the TriNovation scan outcomes you can take a well-considered decision on the first steps of an innovative process.

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