Intellectual property

A patent relates to a technical improvement of a product or a process. This improvement or invention has to be innovative, creative and applicable. Taking out a patent will prevent colleagues from applying your invention at no cost. A patent owned by a competitor may prevent you from producing a product in a certain country or selling it. Patents play an important role in the successful commercialisation of innovations or in the setting up of new businesses. Thanks to years of experience with commercialisation of paents and intellectual property in large multinational companies, Komerca is able to support you in taking decisions that are commercially and strategically sound.

Komerca’s services to you:

Komerca can help you find the answers to the following questions:

  • apply for a patent or keep it secret?
  • where to apply?
  • how to apply?
  • what patent to apply for?
  • patent strategy: carry out monopoly or licensing?
  • what are the values of third persons’ patent rights, how do they effect my business and how should I respond?

Komerca cooperates with an experienced patent agency for writing and registration of patents.

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