business development

Innovation or just having a good product is not enough. The process from product to start-up and from start-up to being in business is equally important. Strategy and tactics will have to be outlined, involving a careful analysis. A well-written business plan offers a firm footing, which is important to you and future investors. Defining your objectives will make you consider issues like:

  • product value analysis
  • the market for your new product
  • strength/weakness analysis
  • your opportunities and threats
  • your goals
  • your market-entry strategy
  • your communications strategy

Komerca will help you formulate the answers to these and numerous other questions. As entrepreneurs we gained a lot of experience in this field and in 2002 we were awarded the New Venture Award for best Dutch business plan. Our focus is not only on writing a solid business plan, we also support you putting the plan into effect. For instance, by setting up a new corporate division, helping you find the financial resources and subsidies, temporary management and setting up a network. Support in writing patents can also be provided. If required, Komerca will take care of the implementation of all the commercial activities.

Komerca’s services to you:

- during the product to start-up phase

  • writing the business plan
  • supporting first market exploration
  • support for writing patent application

- during the start-up to business phase

  • setting up a corporate division or company
  • financing, including subsidies
  • staffing
  • setting up a network
  • management of corporate division or new company

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