You have a good product, you may be successful in your home country, but you are bursting to start off abroad. Your home country is just too small for your kind of game. Anyway, you will have to take a number of important decisions. Into what country do you wish to expand your business? Are you familiar enough with the local market situation and regulations? Are you going to set up a subsidiary company or do you prefer to set up a joint venture with a partner? Or are you thinking about marketing your unique technology by licensing a third party? Answering all these questions requires a thorough analysis of the product market combination, as well as of your organisation, financially, organisationally and technically. Komerca has wide experience in setting up new businesses abroad. Thanks to years of experience in licensing and our broad network of marketing professionals and agents, we are able to help you take the right decisions. Foreign companies may also use the Komerca knowledge and experience. Especially when they wish to expand their businesses into the Netherlands and/or are trying to find business partners there.

Komerca’s services to you:

  • organisational analysis
  • analysis of product exportability
  • support in defining the expansion strategy
    • what country or countries to choose
    • setting up your own business/seeking cooperation/joint venture/licensing
  • market research abroad
  • subsidies/financial resources
    • supporting application for subsidies
  • supporting implementation of strategy
    • setting up a network of agents
    • setting up foreign entities
    • setting up joint ventures/cooperation with foreign partners
    • selling licences


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