Communications strategy

There is more to success than a good product and a good plan. Topping up an innovative process or business creation with a well-considered communications strategy adds to your chance of success.  To outline such a strategy, you will have to answer a number of questions. For example: Why would companies or consumers buy my products and not the products of my competitors? Who am I going to communicate with and what is my message? Which channels are most efficient for me? In close cooperation with Komerca, Komuniko, Komerca will help you answer those questions and formulate an effective communications strategy. Members of our team are able to work out your communications plan in a practical way.

Komerca’s services to you:

development of a marketing communications strategy, focusing on:

  • marketing communications and sales promotion
  • formulation of unique selling propositions
  • determination of target groups
  • formulation of goals and message content


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