Achieving one’s goals requires a clear view of the steps to take. Success greatly depends on strategy, whether in competition, training or coaching.

Creating Business

Successful entrepreneurship is all about creating business. You will have to create opportunities and need to have an open mind to innovation. Innovations are not discovered by chance, most certainly not by walking the beaten track. You will have to develop and market new products and new services, expand your market by introducing your products onto new markets, by reducing the cost of production or by positioning a unique product into the international market. So many opportunities to create business for which Komerca can make you the right pass and offer support e.g. by deployment of highly experienced interim managers. Besides supporting entrepreneurs, Komerca also carries out second opinions for investors.

Our experience

In Esperanto our company name Komerca stands for business. It refers to our broad experience acquired in large multinational enterprises and as independent entrepreneurs. We have expert knowledge and skills for all the stages of the innovative process: from developing a concept into a commercially sound product to production and successful introduction onto the market. Our expertise in the field of research, product development, production, quality and marketing enables us to successfully develop good concepts into financially healthy enterprises.

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